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Trenton, ON | 12-15 Sep

—Safe Passage, 2001

Space Medicine Quotes

Space travel is inherently risky. Space beyond Earth orbit is an extreme and isolated unique environment. Currently, not enough is known of the risks of prolonged travel in deep space to enable humans to venture there for prolonged periods safely.

Wernher von Braun, A Primer of Space Medicine, 1960

Space Medicine Quotes

Man is not made for space. But with the help of biologists and medical doctors, he can be prepared and accommodated.

Heinz Haber, Space Medicine, 1951

Space Medicine Quotes

Whatever the explanation for the origin of these excessive short wave radiations (from the sun), their existence constitutes a major problem of manned rocket flight at highest altitudes

Hubertus Strughold, Space Medicine, 1951

Space Medicine Quotes

If someday rockets should open the gates to space, then we must be oriented as to its environmental conditions and their possible biological effects. To study this, and to find means of protection, is one of the tasks of space medicine.

Oleg Gazenko, Bioastronautics and the Exploration of Space, 1964

Space Medicine Quotes

“Each time man travels out into space, attention focuses on all people, not just scientists. Space medicine, therefore, bears a great responsibility to history and humanity.”

Frequently Asked CFOAM Questions

The aim of this training is to create an opportunity to engage in continuous learning and development in aerospace and undersea medicine. A Flight Surgeon’s update is integrated into the design of the schedule.

CMP Comptroller has determined that this activity constitutes training and maintenance/upgrading of skills, and is therefore not an “event” requiring DM/MND approval. The Air Division Surgeon will sponsor and has travel plan approval for:

a. One flight surgeon from each Wing and Base supporting flight operations;

b. One additional flight surgeon from each Regional Surgeon;

c. One flight surgeon representative from CF H Svcs HQ / D Med Pol; and

d. One CAF flight surgeon posted in Europe, and one CAF flight surgeon posted in the US.

Sponsored flight surgeons should be those speaking during the training or those most requiring the refresher training to maintain flight surgeon currency as per Flight Surgeon Guideline 500-01 . Please forward the name of your designate by email to Mrs Tina ArsenaultMrs Tina Arsenault (tina.arsenault@forces.gc.ca) NLT 23 August 2023. Units wishing to send additional health care providers should contact Mrs. Arsenault as unused funding for other units may be reallocated. Units are strongly encouraged to fund the attendance of additional health care providers or facilitate use of CPE funds as this training is necessary for aerospace medicine and is accredited for MAINPRO + credits.

Everyone. CFOAM is open to in-person and virtual attendees including Transport Canada, Canadian Society for Aerospace Medicine, and all CAF health care providers (HCP) interested in aerospace medicine including Nurses, Medical Technicians and contracted HCP, as space allows. There is no cost for virtual attendance and the only cost for in-person attendance are the Social Events and Landing Fees.

CFHS has been working with Calian on contract amendments to allow contracted Health Care Providers (HCP) to officially fill the role of Flight Surgeon. With anticipation of the Flight Surgeon category being finalized in the early fall, it is encouraged that any contracted HCPs that may be anticipated to be filling the role of flight surgeon within the next year, be considered to attend CFOAM.

Any contracted HCP who is interested in attending should speak with their Base or Wing Surgeon or Clinic CO immediately and request a nomination. The clinic will send a prioritized list of nominations to the Air Division Surgeon for review and furtherance to D HS Del and Calian.

Reimbursement for travel is governed by the HCPR contract. Time absent from the clinic while attending CFOAM training is not billable to DND.


CFOAM 2024

Space Medicine

  • Space medicine combines many medical specialties to examine the effects of spaceflight on humans and prevent problems associated with living in the unique, isolated, and extreme environment of space. Medical, scientific, and engineering teams work together to maintain the physical, mental, and social well-being of humans in space and upon return to Earth.
  • Space missions force astronauts to live and work in environments that the human body is unaccustomed to. With the use of man-made equipment and vehicles the body is able to tolerate the space environment, which includes elements such as microgravity, radiation, extreme temperatures, low pressure, isolation, and confinement.
  • A flight surgeon is not actually a surgeon, but rather a doctor with training and experience in aviation and space medicine. Flight surgeons provide medical support for astronauts during training exercises and space missions. Their main role is to make sure that astronauts are physically and mentally fit to participate in these activities.
For more info on space medicine see the Canadian Space Agency at https://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/astronauts/space-medicine/.

2023 CFOAM Portfolio

The 2023 CFOAM portfolio includes Awards, a 424 Squadron SAR Demonstration, Social event, “Flights at the Museum” - mystery challenge and Operational Medicine Small Group Learning.

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